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rep, we can expect “excellence” even though we cannot
                                                            expect perfection. How can you make this imperfect pattern
                                                            excellent? How can you shine as an excellent mechanic?

                                                            In the production of patterned carpet, be aware that the mill
                                                            has tolerances and expects you to have the knowledge and
                                                            tools to make near perfect pattern matches out of carpet
                                                            that doesn’t match or line up. Allow for more time. This is
                                                            not a tweed broadloom or carpet tile. Correcting acceptable
                                                            bowing, skewing and elongation is part of your job.  Each cut
                                                            of carpet will likely ingrain a rhythm in your mind something
                                                            like: “measure, glue, snap a line, stretch, nail.”

        people are important in patterned carpet installation, but
        you, the installer are the most important. We need more of

        Project Managers, clients or end users, mill reps and their
        production people are also critical players in successful
        pattern carpet installation. Whether it’s a casino lobby
        or halls and suites in a government building, your
        communication with the Project Manager concerning
        seam location, focal points, access, and client expectations
        are crucial. In our Judiciary building project, there were
        moments when the installer shined. Other times, the Project
        Manager being available after hours shined. The mill rep   Production of pattern carpet can sometimes mean unusual
        shined repeatedly throughout, advocating and interpreting   things. How about bow, skew, elongation of pattern beyond
        to production people what the installer was seeing. At the   tolerances or industry standards? Dye lot change and surface
        end of the day though, it is the client who shines when   texture deviation are production and quality issues. How
        they express gratitude for a job well done and pays their   about, as in our Judiciary installation, a computer error that
        bill promptly. We all recognize how important the client is.   actually produced a mirror image of the pattern from one
        Without them, the installer, the Project Manager, the mill rep   roll to another! Some pattern issues cannot be corrected
        and mill production folks would not have a job.     and the project manager and mill rep must become allies
                                                            to you, the installer, in finding solutions. I encourage you to
        PRODUCTION                                          soak any technical aspects and how-to’s of pattern carpet
        The final P in a successful pattern carpet installation is   installation, and also take advantage of training opportunities
                                                            from our industry’s associations and mills. People, Planning,
        Production. The mill produces the patterned carpet.  The   Production. Success of patterned carpet installation includes
        mill has a rep, production people and technical people. As   how-to, but also so much more.
        an installer, you may not have direct communication with
        those involved in production, but what you see on the job
        with your pattern carpet having been produced may or may
        not surprise you. Are you surprised by bowing (the arcing   About the Author: Jim grew up in sales and management of his
        of the pattern from left to right across the width of the   father’s retail flooring business, launching the Commercial Division in
        carpet)? Are you surprised by skewing (pattern running off at   1991 and spinning off the retail business in 2014. Jim earned his CIM
        an angle)? Are you surprised by pattern elongation (pattern   from FCICA, CFI Technical from WFCA’s CFI and was awarded SBA’s
        a bit longer or shorter than on other cuts of carpet)? Just   Emerging Leaders from the Philadelphia region in 2019. Jim also
        like us as people, patterned carpet is never “perfect”. But   loves to kayak and do rail to trail biking with Joy, his wife, business
        just like a professional installer, project manager, or mill   and life partner of 43 years.

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