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A Word from Robert Varden

                                              By Robert Varden, Executive Director, CFI Division, CFI #969

        Hello and welcome to premiere issue of CFI’s Flooring Specialist Magazine. I can’t begin to tell you how
        excited we are to finally launch this project. With our commitment to excellence and a drive to inspire
        others, a goal of ours has been to have a magazine that provides the most-up-date news, information,
        and tips for our members and the entire flooring industry.

        Our quarterly magazine will feature a team of contributing writers who are subject matter experts and
        will feature articles on carpet, hardwood, ceramic, resilient, laminate, specialty flooring, jobsite safety,
        tools, adhesive, subfloor prep, project management and know before you go. Many of these talented
        writers are CFI Certified Installers or Certified Installation Managers (CIM).

        For this premiere issue, we would like to thank the following contributors and the topics they wrote on:
        Jim Macdonald II, CIM, of Commercial Flooring Professional, David Glover, CIM, of Koydol, Bill
        Bonner of Diverzify, Don Styka, CIM of Tarkett, Mike Sahli, CIM, of Evoke Contract, John Gillespie,
        CIM, of The Gillespie Group – SpecialtyFlooring, Amy Johnston, CIM, of Flooring Services, Inc., Corey
        Dickerson, CIM, of Wolff Tools, Seth Gladden of Taylor Adhesives, Rod Von Busch, CIM, of C.D.I.
        Flooring, Eduardo Martinez, CIM, of Martinez Carpet Installations, and Wilmer Pressel, CIM, of Inside
        Edge Commercial Interior Services.

        We would also like to thank our advertisers kicking off this premiere issue: ARDEX Americas, Go
        Carrera, Personna by AccuTEC Blades, RCWilley, Schönox, Taylor Adhesive, Tools4Flooring, TRAXX,
        Uzin, and Wolff.

        I would especially like to thank our Senior Editor, Kim Oderkirk, Content Manager, Shalynn Rangel, the
        boys over at JG Media Group, Jeff and Dan, and my good buddy Tony of TK Fusion, for making this
        goal a reality. Great job guys!

        As CFI approaches its 27th year of being the most recognized certification and training platform
        worldwide, we want to express our sincere gratitude to all those who have supported us over the years
        and made this all possible, especially Jim and Jane Walker, who without their determination and vision
        none of this could have ever happened.

        Together, we continue the legacy of elevating the trade by creating more knowledgeable, professional,
        and skilled flooring craftsmen.

        THANK YOU!

        Robert Varden

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