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               SPECIALIST                                                              Vol. 1 No. 1 | Winter 2020
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                      Pattern Match Carpet Success
               SPECIALIST                                      Word from Robert Varden     6
              THE OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF CFI                  Industry News            38
                  10  You’re Only as Good as Your              Member News              40

                                                               On the Cover:                  WINTER 2020  |  VOL. 1 NO. 1 WWW.CFITHEFLOORINGSPECIALIST.COM  Flooring
                                                               Shown is a flooring project completed   THE OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF CFI
                  14   CFI Surface Prep Resource Guide         at Primary Children’s Hospital, Salt   Flooring
                                                               Lake City, Utah. This project included
                                                               Tarkett’s IQ Natural, iQ Granit, and iQ   THE OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF CFI
                                                               Optima vinyl sheet flooring installed
                  16   Stupid Hurts                            with RollSmart adhesive. The designer
                                                               and general contractor for this
                                                               project was Jon Dalton with Jacobsen   Know Before You Go: Climactic Conditions
                                                                                             The Basics of Jobsite Safety
                                                                                             Pattern Match Carpet Success
                                                               Construction of Salt Lake City.  Read the Fine Print Before Installing Waterproof Laminate  Premiere Issue
                                                                                                         Brought to you by:
                  18   Best Practices of Custom Wood
                  20  21st George Buckhardt Memorial                SPECIALIST
                      Golf Outing Raises $15,000                    THE OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF CFI
                                                               SENIOR EDITOR:          CFI National Office
                                                               Kimberly Oderkirk       10676 West US Highway 80
                  22  CFI Forney Training              Forney, TX 75126
                                                                    THE OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF CFI
                      School Report                            (248) 862-5179          (816) 231-4646
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                  25  Know Before You Go: Climactic            Shalynn Rangel

                                                               JG MEDIA GROUP LLC:     CFI STAFF:
                  26  CONCRETE MOISTURE:                       4607 Lakeview Canyon Rd  Robert Varden
                      Navigating Unknown Waters                Ste 560, Westlake Village,  Executive Director
                                                               CA  91361     
                  30  What’s NEW and HOT in Tools!             Sales Manager/Co-Publisher  John McHale
                                                               Dan Lipman    
                  32  Read the Fine Print Before               805-368-7379            Lauren Johnson
                      Installing Waterproof Laminate           Editor/Co-Publisher:
                                                               Jeff Golden             For subscription information,
                  34  Overcoming Aquatic Tile          please contact CFI.
                      Adhesion Failures                        805-444-1472

                                                               The International Certified Flooring Installers Association, Inc. (CFI) is
                  36  AcryliCon, A Resinous                    a non-profit organization dedicated to improving flooring installation in
                                                               the residential and commercial fields through training and certification.
                      Flooring System                          Since 1993, CFI has been recognized as one of the flooring industry’s most
                                                               prestigious and beneficial platforms for not only flooring installers, but
                                                               flooring professionals worldwide.
                  39   What is a CIM?                          CFI provides educational resources for the flooring community, such as
                                                               hands-on training in all recognized installation applications. CFI supports
                                                               the professional development of the flooring industry by hosting training
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